Minutes for WHRN Employee Working Group Conference Call, Thursday, August 13, 2015

Participants:  Isabel Cuervo, Nkenge Jones-Jack, Laura Linnan,  Naoko Muramatsu, Meg Pomerantz, India Ornelas, Emily Stiehl

Absent:  Shawn Kneipp, John Nyman

  1. Welcome– Naoko welcomed the working group members to the call.
  1. Approval of the minutes from July 9 – The minutes of the July 9 meeting were accepted by consensus.
  1. Action Items from previous calls – Meg reviewed the action items. All were complete.  Isabel explained that she will continue to collect research questions and information for the secondary data analysis project.
  1. Possible projects with Gallup data – Naoko reminded the group that representatives from Gallup talked to our working group. We received an email from Chia-Chia Chang at the CDC that they have renewed their subscription of the Gallup database.  Laura asked Nkenge for her thoughts on the Gallup survey data.  Nkenge had not worked with the database.  Isabel noted that Sherry Baron is still on NIOSH’s list to access the data and is willing to be the go between for our network.  The group had some questions about how to access the data.  Isabel will talk more with Sherry about this and follow up with the group on the next call, and perhaps Sherry can join the call.  Naoko noted that this data analysis will provide a great opportunity for this group.
  1. Workplace Health in America Survey – Laura updated the group on the progress of this survey. Several groups were instrumental in helping to develop the survey instrument.  The survey went through a cognitive testing process during the summer.  RTI is programming the online survey and will begin pilot testing in the fall.  The goal is to update the survey based on the pilot testing and have it ready to be deployed in spring 2016.  Laura noted that the survey will be sent to a random sample of 7,000 employers from across the country.  She added that this survey has not been conducted since 2004.  Naoko asked for clarification about the focus of the survey, and Laura reported that it has a health promotion focus.  Laura noted that the survey group hopes to make the data available widely hopefully in a searchable database.

Laura clarified that she also mentioned an interest in doing a follow up survey of employees for this project.  She emphasized that this idea is in the interest phase only and on the wish list for a possible future SIP.

Laura also noted that on the Capacity and Dissemination Working Group call that Ron Goetzel is working with the Nielson group, which will be conducting a national survey of employers and employees.  This data will also be available.  Ron sent the surveys to the Capacity and Dissemination Working Group, and Meg will forward the survey to the group.  Laura was unclear whether Ron will have access the data or if the network will have access.

  1. Updates on Projects
    • Literature review – Emily updated the group about the literature review and noted that since we do not use these calls as working calls that she and Meg will set up a call asked for those who are interested in this project. If you are interested in this project work group, please contact Meg by Thursday, August 27.  Meg will also send the outline to the group and upload articles that Emily has been reviewing.
    • Naoko asked for clarification regarding working groups and project work groups.  Laura clarified that this question was also discussed on the Capacity and Dissemination Working Group call, and that she sees the project work groups meeting to focus on the work and details of the projects and that the working group will continue to move the work forward from a big picture perspective.
    • Focus group and interview data analysis – Isabel noted that action steps are that anyone who is interested in participating in this project please complete the table and return it to her by Thursday, August 27. The goal for the table to gather the information in one place.  Once we have determined what data is available to this project and what the research questions will be, Isabel will share the table with the rest of the network to see if anyone outside this working group is interested in working on the project.  There are aspects of the project that will need to be addressed before we involve the rest of the network.  Isabel specifically asked those interested to find out from your IRB what is allowed.
    • Research that will build health promotion into the job for low wage workers (e.g. home health, child care, etc.) – Naoko thanked India for the articles that she sent, and asked whether she has published any papers on her health promotion program’s effects on workers, but India indicated that she has not. Naoko hopes to report on the UIC first year pilot on this topic on the full membership call in September and to recruit others interested in the project. Isabel noted that Sherry did home care work while she was at NIOSH.  Sherry noted that this data would need to mined and would not likely be an easy process.  We will continue this discussion on future calls.
  1. Future Calls
    • Next call is Thursday, September 10, 2-3pm (EDT)
    • Future calls:
      • Thursday, October 8, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, November 12, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, December 10, 2-3pm (EDT)
  1. Action Items
    • Isabel will talk more with Sherry about accessing the Gallup database and follow up with the group on the next call.
    • Meg will forward the Transamerica Center for Health Studies employer and employee surveys administered by Nielsen to the group.
    • Meg will send the literature review outline to the group.
    • Members interested in literature review project work group, please contact Meg by Thursday, August 27.
    • Members interested in secondary analysis project work group complete the table and return it to Isabel by Thursday, August 27.