Minutes for WHRN Employee Working Group Conference Call, Thursday, June 11, 2015

Participants:  Isabel Cuervo, Nkenge Jones-Jack, Shawn Kneipp, Laura Linnan, Naoko Muramatsu, John Nyman, Meg Pomerantz, Emily Stiehl

Absent:             India Ornelas

  1. Welcome– Naoko welcomed the group.
  1. Action Items from previous calls – Meg reviewed the action items from the last call.
  1. NIOSH/Gallup survey projects
    • Steve Ander and Melanie Standish from Gallup joined the call. Melanie is the project manager for the daily survey database project that NIOSH is currently using.  Steve is a senior account manager and works primarily with the federal government.  He explained the daily survey (G1K) and the Gallup Panel.  Steve noted that the polls have 2 tracks: political/economic and health/well-being.  Steve noted that for the daily track there is a minimum of $60,000 to add a question or make a modification.  Shawn asked about their boundaries of geographic variables and their public release.  Steve noted that they use zip code, and Melanie noted that they can release zip data, metropolitan status, and congressional district.  The greater concern is that the sample is representative.  Their minimum is an N of 300 in a geographical level.  John asked what a research would get for the $60,000.  Steve broke down the pricing.  Naoko asked about purchasing options and for suggestions for the WHRN.  Steve noted 2 ways of working with the data:  1) buying historical data (everything up the date of purchase), you have one year’s access at the cost of $85,000 which gives you 10 licenses, each additional license is $15,000.  Or, work with NIOSH contacts to see about sharing their licenses.  Naoko asked to clarify about what happens at the end of the year.  The institution would receive an SPSS file with the data and has one year to publish with the data.  Laura asked Nkenge to confer with Jason and Casey Choosewood to explore possibilities to share the licenses or other allowances, as well as whether NIOSH is planning to renew the license (which expires on Sept. 30, 2015).  Melanie noted that there are options for 2 or 3 year licenses.  Emily asked whether there is a centrally located list of papers that have been published using the Gallup data.  Melanie noted that they would have some examples of papers. Steve noted the website for the well-being index.  Naoko asked if could follow up with email questions.  Melanie outlined the process of technical assistance that would come along with the license purchase.
  1. Updates on Projects – Naoko had distributed a description of the projects that this working group has discussed.
    • Literature review – Emily noted that she has distributed the outline for the literature review and has been working Shawn to move the project forward. Emily welcomes feedback on the project.  Isabel noted that she and Sherry had a discussion about what the document would look like.  She commented that there are many similarities with the WHRN overview.  Will this literature review be a review to argue for more work in the area of underserved workers, or a systematic review?  Emily noted that she and Shawn has been addressing this comment.  Emily will send out a revised version of the outline.
    • Focus group and interview data analysis – Isabel spoke to the data analysis. She noted that the working group needs to have larger discussion regarding secondary analysis and IRB issues, that this is a Year 2 project, and that she plans to be more specific when requesting the data.
    • Building Health Promotion into the Job of Serving or Caring for Consumers– Naoko spoke to this project that aims to examine how building health promotion into the job of serving consumers would impact the worker’s own health, health behavior, and well-being. The timeline on this project is flexible, and she would like to open it to WHRN partners who have access to emerging or ongoing health promotion programs that may benefit not only consumers but also underserved workers as described above.
    • National employee survey on health promotion and protection, and disease prevention programs – The working group sees this project as a cross network project and that the other 3 projects lead to this one.  This is a long term project that would require future funding.  Perhaps the Gallup data might be helpful with this project.
    • Naoko asked for clarification on prioritizing the projects, and Meg responded that the next Steering Committee call is not yet scheduled, but will likely be in July. The group agreed that the priorities are: 1) literature review, 2) secondary analysis, 3) building health promotion, and 4) national employee survey.
    • Meg noted that Naoko will not be available for the full network call on June 19. Emily and Isabel volunteered to report to the full membership.
    • Meg asked about the Gallup data and whether we want to discuss on future network call.  Laura noted that we ought to follow up with the NIOSH group before we invite Steve and Melanie to join a full membership.  Naoko asked each member center to review the materials from Gallup.
  1. Action Items:
    • Emily will send out a revised version of the literature review outline at the end of June.
    • Each member center will review the materials from Gallup.
    • Revise/edit the Employee Workgroup project description to be submitted to the steering committee.
  1. Future Calls
    • Next call is Thursday, July 9, 2-3pm (EDT)
    • Future calls:
      • Thursday, August 13, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, September 10, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, October 8, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, November 12, 2-3pm (EDT)
      • Thursday, December 10, 2-3pm (EDT)