Minutes for WHRN Tools and Resources Working Group Conference Call, August 17, 2015

Participants:  Jean Abraham, Lisa Brosseau, Jeff Harris, Laura Linnan, Joanne Pike, Meg Pomerantz

Absent:  Enid Chung Roemer

  1. Welcome– Jean welcomed the group.
  1. Approval of the minutes and action items from our last call – The minutes from the July meeting were accepted by consensus. Meg reviewed the action items from the July meeting; all were completed.
  1. CDC ScoreCard
    • Jean reminded the group that we were going to pose several questions for Jason regarding the CDC ScoreCard. Jason did respond to the questions, and Jean distributed his responses prior to the call in the agenda.  Jean asked the group to discuss whether we are still considering this project.  The CDC just issued an RFP to take a current look at the evidence rating and weighted scores for each the ScoreCard’s questions; see if current questions should be removed or added to existing modules; and develop new modules to add to the ScoreCard.  Jeff suggested that we table this project for a while and wait to hear more from Jason regarding whether the network can help the CDC with its objectives.  Jean asked Laura whether there will be a question about the ScoreCard in the upcoming national worksite survey, and Laura responded that there would be.  Laura noted that while we are talking to Jason and the CDC about the ScoreCard, they are talking to Prevention Partners about their score card.  They will be working together to learn more about these types of instruments.  She suggested that we talk with Jason and Nkenge about whether the network might be able to help with this project, especially given UNC close connection (and proximity) to Prevention Partners.
    • JoAnne noted that she is interested in Jason’s response to Question #2 and how we might review the data that comes from this response.  Jean volunteered to follow up the folks at Dartmouth about this data.
    • Lisa questioned whether the RFP is something that the network would like to submit a proposal for.   Jeff asked how we might better hear from the CDC about what projects that they are working on.  Laura suggested that we add a CDC update to our full network calls.
    • Jean also suggested that there is value in reviewing the various organizational tools that are ScoreCard-like measures.  Jeff and Laura agreed that this would be a great idea.  Jean added that network members may have graduate research assistants who could help with this type of project.
  1. Broker project update
    • Jean noted that this project is a cross-network study of the role of brokers and agents in the adoption of workplace wellness/health promotion efforts by employers, with emphasis on the small employer segment. She distributed the project proposal to the group prior to the call.  Jean further added that in a study that she and her team are conducting that they are seeing in the interviews of employers that the question of brokers is a constant response.
    • Lisa noted that it will be important for us to understand this industry.  She has a graduate student who is a broker and provided her with information.  Lisa clarified that there are 2 types of brokers – life and health producers, and property and causality.   Lisa noted that the life and health brokers are typically the ones who are interested in wellness.  She further noted that there are only about 5 insurers who provide insurance to small employers.  The National Association of Health Underwriters is a group that provides licensure.  One key thing will be which groups are working with small businesses and how do we interact with them.  These groups have annual meetings which might be a good place for us to conduct interviews or focus groups.
    • Lisa suggested that we define what we mean by small businesses.  Jean noted that we had discussed employers of at least 25 to 500 employees.  Another consideration is what industry that we are talking about.  Jean noted that her preference would be to not limit our industry focus.
    • Jean asked the question of interviews versus focus groups.  Laura noted that because these groups are competitors, focus groups might be difficult.  Lisa suggested that we start with interviews and see whether we would like to move to focus group.  Jean suggested that we begin with drafting topics and questions that we would like to ask.  Next steps will be to take on this task.  Lisa volunteered to co-lead the project with Jean.  They will draft a set of topics and questions for the next call.  Laura also asked for a couple of sentences for a sample description.  Jean noted that this will be add to the project description.
  1. Future Calls – Meg suggested Monday, September 21, at 3pm (Eastern) as a time for our next meeting and will send out an Outlook appointment once she has confirmed with Enid that this time will work for her.
  1. Action Items:
    • Jean will follow up the folks at Dartmouth about their CDC ScoreCard data.
    • Meg will confirm with Enid that the suggested time for next month’s meeting will work with her schedule and send an Outlook appointment to the group.