Minutes for WHRN Tools and Resources Working Group Conference Call, July 14, 2015

Participants:  Jean Abraham, Lisa Brosseau, Jeff Harris, Laura Linnan, Joanne Pike, Enid Chung Roemer

  1. Welcome– Jean welcomed the group.
  1. Approval of the minutes and action items from our last call – Jean reviewed the action items from the previous meeting.
  1. CDC ScoreCard –We had asked Jason to join to this call, but Meg left him off the reminder today. Laura noted that she had a conversation with Jason about possible future SIPs.  Her impression is that Jason is interested in this project.  She suggested that he might be able to respond via email.  The group brainstormed the following questions:
  • How is the CDC ScoreCard used within each of the CDC’s initiatives related to workplace health, including the National Healthy Worksite Program, the Work@Health Program, and the Total Worker Health Program?
  • Can you describe any performance metrics being used by the CDC to measure employers’ awareness and use of the CDC ScoreCard? What data are collected from the online version of the ScoreCard and the required registration?  Are there other sources of data being collected by CDC for evaluation purposes?
  • Besides employers, who do you perceive as the primary users or beneficiaries of the CDC ScoreCard (e.g., brokers, agents, public health departments, wellness companies, health plans, etc.)?
  • How does the CDC market the ScoreCard to employers and other potential users?
  • Can you tell us more about the status of the Viridian demonstration that included about 100 small employers? What data were collected on those firms? Will those data be made available to researchers?  Is this a sample of employers for which there is interest in learning about their longer-term wellness program implementation experience?
  • Can you tell us about the status of the following evaluation by Dartmouth regarding the use of the CDC ScoreCard in Chesire County, NH?
  • The Future of the ScoreCard –
    • What is your vision for how the CDC ScoreCard will be used in the future?
    • Do you perceive it to be a self-assessment tool for employers and if so, do you anticipate additional development/refinement? Are there new modules in development?
    • Would you like to see intervention assessment using external change agents, government agencies, and/or for-profit vendors?
    • Are there any plans for linking other intervention materials to the CDC ScoreCard? Akin to an individual HRA with feedback, do you anticipate providing more tailored feedback to employers that are customized to their responses on the ScoreCard?  One example would be developing the capacity to provide employers with high smoking rates access to specific toolkits to facilitate smoking cessation programs or other resources.
  • Jean will follow up with Jason with these questions and copy everyone on this.
  • Jean also encouraged the group to think about funding for this project, which the group sees as a Year 3 project.  Laura noted that this would be a good project for a SIP project.  Lisa noted that Dartmouth College has a PRC at one point and that they had a project regarding the Scorecard.
  1. Broker project update
    • Jean confirmed that the centers interested are JHU, UMN, UW, UNC, and UIC. Jean reviewed the outline.  Lisa asked the group whether we had decided on interview or would we consider focus groups.  Jean noted that we can each do some homework on what types of broker events may happen in their area and might provide an opportunity to either interview or schedule a focus group.  Lisa also encouraged the group to consider the group to narrow their research questions and then have (in August or early September).
  1. Future Calls – Meg will verify a time on Aug. 17 at either 11am or 3:30pm (Eastern).
  1. Action Items
    • Jean will follow up with Jason with the questions about the CDC ScoreCard and copy everyone on this.
    • Meg will verify a time on Aug. 17 at either 11am or 3:30pm (Eastern).